Walburga “Wally” Erhart


I recently bought an album of old postcards on eBay. It turned out the postcards were all sent to one woman over the course of 45 years. Her name was Wally (short for Walburga) Erhart. For being so passionate about collecting all her postcards as keepsake, I felt like I need to blog about her.

The oldest stamp on a postcard dates to 1913 and the most recent to 1958. She moved around quite a bit, working as service employee in restaurants and hotels in different cities, and her friends’ postcards always found her again.

She had a sister and a brother Klaus, and quite a few admirers but she got married to a man named August only in the 1950s and became Wally Artmann. She was from Pfronten-Ried in Bavaria, Germany, and in the 1950s lived there again.

There were a couple of photos at the beginning of the album, the very first one of a woman. Could this be Wally herself? My quick genealogy search didn’t bring any results.

I love old postcards! All these pre-texting era postcards, quick notes to say Hi, I’m thinking of you! All those pretty covers or historical views! All those different handwritings that our modern eyes can hardly decipher😅. All the inspiration for my own time-travels!

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