“Dear Emma, …”

collage emma


Dear Emma,
Here’s a picture as a thank you for the lovely package you sent. You will find me rather changed as at the time this photo was taken I didn’t have a moustache. By the way, this photo was taken on the front line, 100 meters from the French. I wish you and your loved ones a Happy Easter and best regards, …” .

Another field postcard in my collection. Unfortunately I can’t figure out the name of the young man who signed it 🤔. .

Emma Knorr from Dittenheim, Bavaria, receiver of this postcard, seemed to give several young men the hope they needed to get through the nightmare that was the war. There were several similar postcards in the lot I purchased, all addressed to her.

Emma was born in 1891. She married Korbinian Schnalzger in 1921 in Dittenheim, Germany. I have two photo postcards in my possession of the future groom, written during the World War I to dear Emma. She died in 1980.

Funnily enough I found two cabinet photos being offered on eBay of Emma as a toddler and of her grandparents (both photos courtesy of carcer37). I immediately recognised the neat hand-writing of the inscriptions. The postcards addressed to her in my collection all bear comments in the same hand-writing. It looks like this family’s photo albums are scattered all over the world…

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