Lovebirds Paula & Georg Hugel

Lovebirds Paula & Georg, or the story about how a young man from Bavaria falls in love with a girl from Hamburg in 1903


I came across these beautiful Edwardian era postcards and some additional photos at an antique sale in Hamburg. Just look at these postcards, aren’t they just lovely? The motifs are typically over-the-top romantic, the golden embellishments are fantastic.

The letters G & P stand for lovebirds Georg & Paula who exchanged these love messages in the year 1904. As you can see, Georg was not a man of many words; his messages were short and scribbled into the corners of the postcards in a pretty awful hand-writing. I just couldn’t help the urge to check what happened to these two lovers.

To my wonderful surprise, a quick search on Ancestry revealed that Emilia Frieda Paula Schneider & Georg Simon Hugel got married on December 1st, 1907 in Hamburg, Germany!

Paula was born on December 5th, 1885 in Hamburg to parents Johann Heinrich Christof Schneider (1841-1924) and Henriette Margarethe Fanny née Hass (1847-1908).

Georg Simon Hugel was born on July 1, 1882 in Zwiesel, Bavaria, to parents Jakob Hugel and Susanna née Kleilein from Unterrodach in Bavaria.

It is not known to me what brought the Bavarian born Georg to Hamburg in the North of Germany. But what I know is that the young couple met, fell in love, sent love notes to each other, got married and settled down in Hamburg for the rest of their lives. After returning from WWI, I’ve found Georg in several Hamburg address books from the 1920s and 30s, listing him amongst Hamburg’s wholesalers. Georg died in 1968 in Hamburg; his death certificate doesn’t reveal any details on the cause of death or next of kin.

Paula was born and raised in Hamburg. Her mother Henriette bore altogether 8 children of which 4 passed away in the first months or years of their young life. Paula’s remaining siblings were also residents of Hamburg:

1) Auguste Wilhelmine Pauline (1874-?), married Heinrich Herman Scheffler in August 1896, had 5 children: 1) Henry Fritz Emil (1896-1896); 2) Martha Hedwig Paula Scheffler (1897-?), 3) Ludwig Heinrich August Scheffler (1899-?) who lost his 4-year-old son Peter during air raid in 1943, 4) Erna Helene Henriette Rissler née Scheffler (1901-1935), 5) Paula Augusta (1913-1914).

2) Frieda Henriette Martha (1876-1925), married Alfred Schäffer in March 1898 and bore a son Bernhard Alfred Paul Heinrich Schäffer (1900-1918).

3) Hedwig Bertha 1878-1880

4) Carl Heinrich Wilhelm 1880-1883

5) Hedwig Pauline Emma (1882-?), married Emil Albert Möller in April 1905 in Hamburg

6) Carl Georg Heinrich 1884-1885

7) Emilia Frieda Paula 1885

8) Heinrich Wilhelm Gottlieb 1888-1889

Paula also received field post from her brother-in-law Andreas (?). I haven’t found Andreas in any family or military records on Ancestry.

The two photos show Georg during WWI. In his field post to his wife Paula, Georg sends a thousand kisses to her and the “little ones”. So it’s safe to make the assumption that they had children. I have not been able to find any descendants of Paula and Georg, so it will remain a mystery who owned these postcards and photos and why they are not in the possession of the family.

Sources: Ancestry; State Archive of the City of Hamburg

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