Unidentified, 1: The Suffragette

It is so frustrating when you hold in your hands photos of the same person or family, but there is no way to identify them. The faces in those photos haunt me, as if begging to reunite them with their lost family, but there is nothing I can do but share them in the hopes that someone will recognise those faces and claim them.

Here are three photos of the same young lady. I refer to her as the Suffragette. I get the feeling from looking at her in the three photos that she was a serious type, that she might have been interested in the women’s vote at the time, that valued women’s education and worked for her own living.

Her style is very 1910s suffragette too, serious and practical, no unnecessary frills of lace, no opulent jewerly or hair-do. Perhaps this was due to the war (the group photo bears the inscription “1916, the war years”), perhaps it was her personality. I would love to know more about her and her fate.



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