Reinhold Schattschneider

Here’s a fun real photo postcard I came across on German ebay, depicting one Reinhold Schattschneider on the violin with his buddy Fritz on the guitar.


On the back of the postcard Reinhold writes that he made the violin himself.


The photo was sent to Reinhold’s niece or nephew as he calls himself Uncle Reinhold.


Unfortunately I cannot identify the location of the photo, therefore cannot find anything else on him in the digital archives. Without the location or even date, I cannot be sure I would research the right person.


7 thoughts on “Reinhold Schattschneider

      • Jodi says:

        I think this is a picture of my Great Grandma’s brother. Just recently I received a picture of him for my ancestry research and it has the same looking name stamp. He looks like a younger version of himself on your photo. Not much is known about my paternal Great Grandma’s side .


      • Jodi Kuhn says:

        **** Hi! I didn’t realize that I could email you directly! It’s a lot more comfortable than sharing on the blog for everyone to see! I have been googling the Schattschneider name and is how I find some information!

        Kind regards, Jodi Kuhn

        On Tue, Sep 22, 2020 at 9:06 AM Photos Without Families wrote:

        > > > > > Photos Without Families commented: “Oh wow! Send me an e-mail please so > that we can exchange information off the blog. ” > > > >


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