Jochi & Christel

This is a journey through the happy childhood of siblings Jochi and Christel in the 1920s and early 1930s Germany.



I purchased this photo album on German ebay last year. Unfortunately there are no clues as to their surname. Nevertheless, this photo album is truly fantastic, so be prepared to take a journey through someone’s happy childhood days.

Jochi was born at the beginning of 1926 (or late 1925). Here he is with his mother and other family members in May and July 1926.

Before Christel, Jochi’s little sister was born, Mr Clown kept Jochi company. This photo was taken in July 1926.


Jochi with proud daddy in July 1926. This photo holds some clues! The plate number of the motorbike was registered in Bautzen, Germany. Unfortunately I can’t check who it was registered to as such information is not available. But perhaps the family lived in that region too. Another hint is the brand name Triumph of his bike. Triumph is seen in several photos to come which makes me think that perhaps the father worked for the company in the 1920s.

Jochi goes for a ride of his life in September 1926.


The second time the company name “Triumph” is shown in Jochi’s photo album, this time on the shop window. It’s not the last time either.

The description on the following photo says “Our little boy (Bubi) does not want to be photographed”.


It was Jochi’s 1st Christmas in 1926. On January 16th, 1927, and the Christmas tree was still up in all its glory. Jochi is busy with his new toys. He loves his rocking horse and he’s trying to dismount a flashlight.


In March, 1927, Jochi is already riding his first three-wheeler! Notice the motor bikes in the background. I’m thinking that has something to do with the company Triumph again. Also, note the futuristic side-car in the background that has a very steampunk look to it.


Jochi’s second Christmas in 1927. Here with his mother.


Although I don’t know for sure where Jochi and Christel lived, fact is that they lived in a region that passionately celebrates Pre-Lent Carnival, usually in the month of February. In some parts of Germany it’s a very big celebration, in others less. Here’s Jochi’s first one in 1928. Don’t you just love Jochi’s mother’s harlequin costume!


Here Jochi is out and about with his mother in July 1927. I wish anyone would recognise the street. So far I have two options: either Bautzen or Nürnberg. But I don’t know for sure.


Jochi little sister was born some time around August 1928! Her name was Christel. At the same time, Jochi had broken his leg, or so the description next to the photo says. I love that the cute knitwear Jochi wore as a baby was recycled and now sister Christel looks absolutely adorable in it!

Mr. Clown has also been recycled , still the same grumpy face (Jochi top, Christel bottom pohoto)!


Jochi’s father was a busy man. He probably worked in a mechanics workshop, servicing Triumph bikes and cars. Here having a coffee break with his family and colleague. NOte the two men wearing their workshop coats. Christel is sleeping in the stroller.


A few more snapshots of Jochi in his Triumph car. He looks so proud! I wonder if his love for stylish cars followed him into adulthood too? Perhaps he even grew up to work in the industry? I hope I will unravel the mystery around Triumph cars and this family – what’s the connection here?




It must have been a hot summer of 1929. Jochi is sitting front far right and his daddy is the one in the dark swim suit, Christel probbaly the little naked baby in the arms on the lady in far left.


Another Pre-Lent Carnival photo, this time Christel is old enough to join her older brother for the fun. The dirty face of Jochi as a chimney sweeper is priceless!


The siblings’ interaction with each other is heart-warming to see in the photographs. I like to think that their beautiful friendship continued through the years.

On New Year’s Day in 1932 the whole family came together.


On that same New Year’s Day of 1932, Christel and Jochi are photographed in front of a car. A valuable clue is hidden in this photo – the plate number was again registered in Bautzen, Germany, just like the motorbike a few years back. Indication of Jochi and Christel’s hometown perhaps?

I asked my Instagram and Facebook followers to help me recognise the car model and if it could perhaps be an early Triumph. Someone suggest a Dixi 3/15 DA from 1930 (an early BMW) or indeed a Triumph Super 7.

What did our siblings like to do in their childhood. Jochi played the violin. Christel loved her dolls and bike. Jochi was mad about his furry friend, a German shepherd dog. Jochi spent much time in his Lederhose which might also be an indication of his family’s origins in the South of Germany. The siblings loved to go sleighing in the snow together. Here are some beautiful captions of the siblings’ childhood spent together.

Probably everyone we’ve got to know from the pages of this found photo album is seen in this next photograph. The photo is very faded. I hope life brought them together like this again and somewhere in another photo album there are group photos like this one taken in the years to come. I wish I knew where this photo was taken and where is house perhaps still stands today.


Unfortunately I’ve not been able to discover Jochi’s surname which makes it impossible to research what his life turned out like. I’m also not sure where the family lived. His father’s vehicles were registered with a Bautzen plate number. The city lies on the very Eastern border of Germany. I suspect the father had something to do with Triumph cars and motorbikes, he seemed to have possessed several and even gave his toddler son a Triumph miniature car to play-drive in. The company Triumph Werke AG was registered in Nürnberg which lies about 400km South of Bautzen. Perhaps some day I will discover their surname. Until then, let’s say goodbye to Jochi & Christel with these last photos from the found photo album:



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