Margret and Ursel Eisenstuck

Look at these sweet girls, Margret and Ursel Eisenstuck from Biebrich in Wiesbaden, Germany! I assume they were sisters or cousins. Their matching outfits and hair bows make me believe that they were very close.


The photo was taken at Christmas 1931. Margret (right) was 8 1/2 and Ursel (left) 6 1/4 years old. This would mean Margret was probably born in 1922 and Ursel in 1924.


Usually I would be very hopeful that I will  find some kind of a paper and/or digital trail on the persons when I have their names and an indication of the location as well as some dates.

But in this case, I found absolutely nothing on these two.

I’ve looked through all the international resources available on Ancestry and MyHeritage, browsed on Google, but I have found nothing. As if they never existed. I know certain data protection laws might still apply if the ladies are alive or recently passed. But I can’t believe that there is nothing even remotely relevant to these two girls.

Journalist Michelle Senser who herself is from Biebrich did an interview with me for the magazine “Merkurist” in Germany on this subject. If you can read German, take a look (click on the following title): “Foto sucht Familie: Altes Bild aus Biebrich aufgetaucht.”


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