Ingelotte Korb

UPDATE: This found photo album has been re-united with its family!

Meet little Ingelotte Korb! I can’t wait to share many adorable photos of her, her parents and older brother, and her pets with you!

Ingelotte was born in October 1931. At the time the family lived in Magdeburg. The car you see here was registered in the province of Sachsen, though. I think Ingelotte’s grandparents might have been from that province which some years later also became Ingelotte’s home.

One of the first Christmases was spent playing with her new toys. Oh, how I love vintage tinsel!67138199_437725737076075_76440668293038080_o

Ingelotte loved dogs. Here she is playing with the neighbors’ dog Bobby in 1939, and with her own dogs Mucki 1 in 1938 and Mucki 2 in 1940.

Ingelotte started school in Magdeburg in 1938. Here she is with her many classmates. Just to think that this photo is relevant to 39 family trees! Our girl can be seen in the 3rd row first from right with long braids fastened like bretzels. Don’t you just love how some of the girls are holding hands with their bffs!

Although she spent her childhood in the pre-WWII Germany, these photos show none of the horror that was taking place in her home country. Ingelotte loved to play the piano and hoolahoop, and act in school plays. She spent a lot of time outdoors in the nature or on the family’s garden plot.

Her parents took her to Berlin in 1937. Here she is posing in front of the Berlin Victory Column.


Ingelotte had beautiful long hair which she obviously was proud of even had them photographed in her early teens.


Ingelotte was 19 years of age in 1950. The description on the back of the photo mentions the Artern Brewery in her then hometown. Artern is a town in Thüringen, Germany. After WWII it became part of the Soviet occupation zone and subsequently part of Eastern Germany. The Artern Brewery was founded in 1879, but nationalised after WWII as Artern became part of Eastern Germany. I dont know if Ingelotte worked for the brewery, perhaps as a waitress, seeing that she is wearing a kind of a Dirndl?


Ingelotte had a brother Gerhard, 10 years her senior. This photo of Gerhard was taken in 1922. At the time the family still lived in Magdeburg, Germany.

I wonder if this was our family’s home? That is quite a fine home, just look at the mirror in the background!


There are many photos of Ingelotte’s brother Gerhard in this found photo album. Here is is with their dog Mucki 1. There are always dogs present in this family’s photos! And Gerhard was fond of his hair-cut obviously!

Gerhard and his mother in the 1920s. How the women’s fashion changed in less than a decade!


Ingelotte’s mother sent this real photo postcard of herself to her parents when Gerhard was just a baby. Here she is with a pup and a dog (probably Mucki 1😄). Gerhard was her first-born. The new mum was having the typical new mum worries, read for yourselves below. The handwriting is horrible, but fortunately a skilled expert on Facebook could decipher the text for me:

“Dear parents, a quick hello. Thousand thanks for the package as well. How sweet of you, my dear mummy, that again you sent so many things for our little darling. The little guy has been worrying me since you left. Tomorrow I will go to the doctor again, I was there on Thursday. I will close for now. The weather is wonderful, the baby boy has to get some fresh air, so that he finally sleeps through the night. I’m otherwise pretty busy too, Mrs Lohn is in Berlin till Wednesday. Please accept thousand loving regards and kisses from your grateful Magdeburger.” (the family lived in Magdeburg at the time)


Ingelotte’s mum apparently was a modern woman. Hop on a bike, baby on board and go for a swim – I love how she dared to be progressive in those chnaging times when women had just got the right to vote! Perhaps she even went for a swim in one of those “scandalous” ladies’ swim suits!

I don’t quite understand why the boy is wearing a winter coat if they’ve just been for a swim in the summer.


As next, we have a photo of Ingelotte’s parents. The mother’s fashion suggests it was taken probably at the end of WWI and pre-children. I cannot unfortunately say anything about them, I don’t know their names or their profession. The father served in the military, but his rank is unknown to me.


Let’s take a moment and enjoy how Ingelotte’s mother evolved from a young girl to a mum. I’m a sucker for chronological comparison photos, as you might already know! And we now know from whom Ingelotte inherited her love for long hair! The similarities are uncanny.


Here’s a portrait of Ingelotte’s father sometime in the 1930s. Ingelotte definitely didn’t inherit her long hair form her father’s side.


And now let’s enjoy some photos of Ingelotte with her parents. Her parents really seemed to make time for her, they played and cuddled with her. There is so much love and warmth in these family photos!

Also the bond between Ingelotte and her older brother Gerhard was special. I bet she was positively spoilt as the baby of the family.

I don’t know who this lady was in Ingelotte’s life but I do know that she passed on her necklace to Ingelotte! As this photo must have been taken sometime in the 1930s or late 1920s, I suspect this was Ingelotte’s grandmother. I wonder if that heirloom is still in the family?

What do I know about the course Ingelotte’s life took after WWII? Ingelotte seemed to have lived a long and happy life. She passed away a few years ago in her 80s. In the obituary she was sorely missed by her husband and their three children with their families. She was even a great-grandmother! Her husband Klaus seemed to have worked as a carpenter his whole life, but was more known for his enthusiasm working with and promoting young athletes in Greek wrestling. It looks like he passed away in 2019. The photo album ends in 1950, before she met Klaus, so there are no photos of Ingelotte as an adult and a mother.

I don’t know what happened to Ingelotte’s brother Gerhard either. If he was born in 1921, he was in the suitable age to serve in WWII. I do hope fate was kind to him!

It’s been wonderful to be part of Ingelotte’s early life this way. She seemed to have had a very happy childhood, loved by so many, protected by her older brother Gerhard, spoilt by her grandparents. She loved animals, dogs being her favourites. She played the piano, she loved dolls and the nature. And she was very proud of her long hair. Despite my efforts, I have not been able to make contact with Ingelotte’s descendents, I know who they are but for data protection reasons will not mention their names. Perhaps some day one of them will contact me to retrieve this precious treasure of family history.

Thank you for following along! I leave you here with a few more photos of our little Miss Sunshine!

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