Marie Dorette Wulf née Heering


I found this large cabinet photo in my local junk shop. As usual, I did a quick search on the genealogy platforms available to me and found out to my pleasant surprise that someone had already done quite a good job researching her.

Please meet Mrs. Marie Dorette Wulf née Heering!

She was born on October 18th, 1866, in Böckelse close to Celle in Germany. She lost her mother Christine Dorothea Heering when she was a newborn baby. Christine passed away at the age of just 23 shortly after Marie was born. The birth record of Marie indicates that she was born out of wedlock. Her father’s surname Meyer was added later. Unfortunately I don’t know who ended up raising her.

Life brought her to Altona in Hamburg where she worked as a servant. She married a carpenter named Johann August Emil Wulf on April 2nd, 1889. Marie’s husband Emil passed away in his early 50s in December 1914 after 25 years of marriage. Marie herself joined him 15 years later on February 1st, 1930.

Together they had 5 children:

1. Sophie Dora Minna Wulf (1891-1944) married florist August Heckler (1890–1977) in 1913 and had 4 children with him:  Henny Hermine Auguste Frieda Heckler(1915–2002), Horst-Egon Walther Heckler (1925–1944 as a soldier in WWII), Gerda Heckler (-2006), Marga Heckler (–2003)

2. Henriette Elise Frieda Wulf (1892–) married Hermann Heinrich Adolf Menke (1889–) in December 1916.

3. Heinrich Adolf Emil Wulf (1894-) no other information available

4. Christine Elise Alma Wulf (1896–) no other information available

5. Johann Rudolf Ferdinand Wulf (1898–) married Emma Johanna Dora Hamann (1898–) in December 1919 but the couple got divorced in 1925. They had one son Henry Hans Karl Wulf who fell in the WWII (1920–1943). 

The back of the photo of Marie says “Papi’s Mutter, Oma Wulf” in German, which means “Father’s mother, grandmother Wulf”. I assume from this that the photo belonged to the descendents of Heinrich Adolf Emil Wulf, since the only child of the other son of Marie, Johann Rudolph, fell in WWII.

I contacted the administrator of Marie’s profile on Ancestry and he kindly accepted the scans of the photo from me. I wish I could have also handed over the originals but the person in question wrote to me that he was not a close relative.

Click HERE for Marie’s family tree on Ancestry.

There were two more photos I acquired together with the one of Marie. The first one shows the classmates of the school located in Averhoffstrasse in Hamburg in 1921. The photo seemed to have belonged to one Magda Wulf living in Hamburg. She has marked herself with an “X” as well as with number 2. But I cannot make out if what follows her first name is a second surname or her maiden name and she married a Wulf later.


The second additional photo I found together with the one of Marie is another one of classmates in Hamburg. The text says that “father is the one bottom right”. But if the photos are really all connected and who “father” was I cannot be sure of.


If you recognise Granny Wulf or know her family, please let me know! Thanks for stopping by!

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