Hermann & Anna Riehemann

This large cabinet photograph is of Mr. and Mrs. Riehemann on their silver wedding anniversary in 1919.




The back of the photo says:

“Silver wedding anniversary of my

parents: Osnabrück 1919

Hermann Riehemann

Anna née Lauxtermann


Max Breide and wife

Anna Breide née Riehemann

married: November 23, 1923

in the Dome of Osnabrück



So many details – a dream for a genealogy detective like myself :)! I had to do a quick search on the genealogy platforms and in the online arhives. And I got pretty lucky!

The couple in the photograph Anna Elisabeth Lauxtermann and Franz Hermann Riehemann got married on February 4th, 1894 in the Dome of Osnabrück in Germany. Click HERE for their marriage record in the Osnabrück church books. Hermann was listed as labourer and Anna as servant.

The groom Franz Hermann Riehemann was born on May 3rd, 1870 in Osnabrück to parents Gerhard Heinrich Riehemann and wife Catharina Margaretha née Säger from Osnabrück. The parents had been married in 1868 also in the Dome of Osnabrück. The marriage record also shows the next generation of Riehemanns, Gerhard’s parents Hermann Heinrich Riehemann and Maria Engel née Meyer, as well as Margaretha’s parents Franz Säger and Anna Maria née Helene. I was even able to find the father Gerhard’s birth record in the online church books of Osnabrück.

The bride Anna Elisabeth Lauxtermann was born as the oldest of 3 siblings on January 18th, 1871 in Marbergen in Osnabrück to parents David Wilhelm Lauxtermann and Maria Elisabeth née Färber. I was able to locate Anna’s birth record in the Osnabrück online church books as well. Her parents were married in October 30th, 1870. The marriage record reveals the birth dates of her parents as well as their parents and therewith another generation of the Lauxtermanns. With this information I could locate the birth record of both David Wilhelm Lauxtermann from February 13th, 1848, and Maria Elisabeth Färber from June 11th, 1850. 

Anna had at least two younger siblings: brother Friedrich Heinrich and sister Maria Elisabeth.

As to the details of Anna and Max Breide, scribbled at the bottom of the large cabinet photo, I found a birth record from 1894 for the couple’s daughter Catharina Margaretha Elisabeth Anna Riehemann which would presumably be the daughter Anna Breide, owner of the photograph before it ended up for sale on the German ebay. Due to the German data protection laws I cannot access the marriage record of Anna and Max.

I did find another child for the couple in the photograph from 1898 – a son named David Heinrich Riehemann. Unfortunately I don’t know anything about his life.

I found so many records for this family from the online Osnabrück church books that I had to put up their tree on Ancestry together with their photo, in case anyone from the Lauxtermann and Riehemann clan ever wanted to connect with their roots. Click HERE to see the public tree I’ve created on Ancestry.com.

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