Hermann und Clara Häusler from Schreiberhau

This lovely family photo from the 1920s came into my possession through the German ebay.


The back of the photo says that this is the family of one Hermann Häusler from Schreiberhau.


Georg August Hermann Häusler and Clara Amalie Martha Büttner were married on May 14th, 1906 in Schreiberhau.

Source: Ancestry

From the marriage record I could see that Hermann was born on July 15th, 1871 in Züllichau (Suléchow) in today’s Poland to parents August Häusler and his widow Bertha née Wagner.

According to the marriage record, Hermann’s bride Clara was born on July 30th, 1871 in Schreiberhau to parents August Büttner and his widow Amalie née Scholz.

One of the witnesses of their marriage was a certain Oswalt Büttner, 38, glass maker, which could have been Clara’s brother.

Schreiberhau is a German name of the town Szklarska Poreba in Jelenia Góra County in Lower Silesian Voivodship in south-western Poland. It was an idyllic town in the valley of the Sudetes mountains and a popular region for mountain hiking and skiing. Before World War II, there were many Germans living in Schreiberhau as the region belonged to the State of Prussia, later Germany.

Source: http://www.szklarskaporeba.pl

After the war, Schreiberhau became part of Poland and was renamed Szklarska Poręba. The German inhabitants were expelled and the village was resettled with Poles.

We find Hermann listed as a tradesman in the 1930 and 1937 address books of Schreiberhau. The stamp on the back of the photo says that he specialised in colonial goods and delicacies. His shop was located at Winklerstr. 1008. Unfortunately I don’t know the respective Polish street name for it.

Hermann passed away in August 1938 in Schreiberhau. It is safe to assume that if Hermann’s widow Clara was alive in 1945, she most probably was expelled from Schreiberhau, like the rest of the local Germans. It must have been hard to witness in her 70s to lose her home and everything she had held dear all her life.

I wonder what became of their daughter. I have unfortunately found no records on her. If you recognise her, pelase let me know.



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