Karl & Ida Beule


The three photos I will share today came from German ebay as a set. One of the photos is labelled with the bride and groom’s names and birthdates.


I read the couple to have been Karl and Ida Beule. I believe Ida’s maiden name was Hentius, she was born on May 19th, 1892 and passed away in July 1959.

Karl was born on September 23rd, 1892, and passed away on January 7th, 1953.

The photos do not include any clues as to where these photos were taken.

But with all that information on the couple, I thought this was going to be a child’s play finding out more about them. But I was wrong. This couple left absolutely no paper trail behind! I’ve checked Ancestry, MyHeritage, FamilySearch, Geneanet, Compgen (German), FindAGrave – nothing! As if they were never born… And yet not just one, but three photos exist of them. Someone held on to the photos even after almost 100 years had passed since they got married.


The couple married in the 1920s. The bride is dressed in classic 1920s wedding gear – a calf-length drop-waist white (or egg-shell) dress, white stockings and satin shoes, her veil’s headpiece is surrounded by a tulle ruffle. She seems to be holding a wedding bouquet of white carnations.

The bride also seems to be wearing tiny decorations of myrtle in her veil. Myrtle symbolises love beyond death, beauty and fertility. It was worn as wreaths already in the ancient Greece and Rome. The tradition was adopted in the German-speaking countries in the 16th century. I also wonder if perhaps the heart-shaped wreath on the ground is also of myrtle, like the decorations hanging on the threshold.

So although I cannot share any interesting insight into the lives of Karl and Ida Beule, I will leave you here with these photos. I hope they had a happy marriage and a beautiful life together.


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