Beverly from Los Angeles


Today I’m not going to write a lot of words. Mainly because I don’t have much on this gorgeous lady. And let’s be honest, no words are really necessary – let’s just enjoy the sight of this potential Hollywood starlet!

This is Beverly. I picked up four large portraits of her during our trip to Las Vegas at Christmas 2018. I bought them at a booth at the Charleston Antique Mall in Las Vegas. We don’t have huge antique malls like this one in Germany, so I was very impressed! I spent hours in it!


So how do I know her name was Beverly? Because it says so on two of the four photographs. This one above is signed off with “With all my Love, Beverly”. The dates on the back of the first two photos state 1941.


The other two photos, in which she wears her hair shorter, are from 1944. This photo above was dedicated to Beverly’s “super aunt and uncle”. The photo was taken in the Alfred Fabris Photostudio at 304 South Broadway in Los Angeles.

The address on Google reveals that the photo studio was located in the famous Bradbury Building in Los Angeles. It’s an architectural landmark in downtown L.A. According to Wikipedia, it was built in 1893 as a five-story office building. Its skylit atrium of access walkways, stairs and elevators, and their ornate ironwork is extraordinary. I can only imagine that the photographer with a studio at such an exclusive address was a reputable one, and probably pretty costly too. I borrowed some current photos of the building from the internet.

Source: Travel Caffeine

Also the last photo of Beverly was taken in 1944, according to the labelling on the back. She has matured from her girly looks and a bow in her hair to a young woman.


And this, my friends, is all we know about her – her name was Beverly, she had a super aunt and uncle, and she had some reason to visit the photo studios located in the Bradbury Building in Los Angeles. I assume all 4 photos were sent to her aunt and uncle and this is how they ended up on sale at the antique mall.

I would love to know more about Beverly. So if you recognise her, please do let me know!



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