Brothers Heinrich & Martin Schutt

Remember Heinrich Schutt, one of my Brick Walls?

I had nothing else on Heinrich, except for his full name. But because I had no way of identifying the location of the photo, I had to call off my genealogical search for him.

Well, until now! It so happens that once in a while I purchase photos from the same ebay seller and I end up with photos of the same family in different “blind” photo lots. Sometimes the sellers like to divide the photos up according to themes (children, couples, military are popular themes). But most of the time, I think the split is random. So among the 80+ photos of the photo lot I’m currently sharing photos of on Instagram, I found this family photo:


Please meet Heinrich Schutt from Dorheim (Hessen) with his brother and parents in 1928!


I estimated that the brothers are in their 20s in this photograph. So I assumed that they were born sometime at the turn of the century. Time to browse the Dorheim community records!

But first, let’s compare the face features of Heinrich. That’s a match! If Heinrich was about 16-17 years old in the confirmation photo on the left, then the photo must have been taken at about 1919/20.

collage schutt

I found a Heinrich Schutt born on February 21st 1903 in Dorheim (Friedberg), Hessen in Germany, to parents Johannes and Elise Schutt. He married Elisabeth née Dörr on Christmas Eve of 1931 in Dorheim.

The brother in the family photograph I have identified as Martin Johannes Schutt, born on March 13th, 1900, to the same parents.


Source: Ancestry

Martin Johannes was a construction engineer. He married Ottilie Marloff on May 18th, 1929.

So in this family photograph, the brothers are still bachelors.

Actually, Martin had a twin brother Georg Wilhelm Schutt. The reason why he is not in this family photo from 1928 is that he passed away on July 1919 at the age of just 19. The death certificate does not state the cause of death. He had been a carpenter by profession.

Heinrich was a bank clerk by profession. Heinrich passed away on April 9th, 1951, at the age of 48. The cause of his death was diabetes.

47106_b314880-00013 (1)

Source: Ancestry

His brother Martin Johannes passed away on June 11th, 1948, in Gießen, Germany. Unfortunately his death seems to have been a very painful one. He died of several forms of cancer and had been paralysed prior to his death.


Source: Ancestry

There could have been altogether 4 boys in this family. But the youngest, Adolph, died as a newborn in 1908.

There is quite a bit of a papertrail on Heinrich and Martin’s parents. Their father Johannes Schutt VII was born on April 6th, 1872, in Dorheim to parents Georg Schutt V and Margaretha née Krauch. He was a painter by profession.

Heinrich and Martin’s mother Elise was a tailoress. She was born on October 11th, 1873, in Beienheim, Hessen, to parents Johannes Major and Maria née Meier. Her father was a brick mason. 

Heinrich and Martin’s parents were married on April 30th, 1899. The witnesses included farmer Johannes Major VII and carpenter Johann Georg Schutt. Here’s Heinrich’s parents’ marriage record:


Source: Ancestry

Father Johannes passed away at the age of 77 in January 1950 in Dorheim. Surely the grief over losing his oldest son had left a mark on him. By that time he had buried 3 of his 4 sons and his wife. I cannot locate mother Elise’s death record, but she must have passed before her husband did, since he is listed as a widower at the time of his death.

I haven’t been able to find out if Heinrich or Martin had any children. Hopefully I will be able to locate a relative of the family. So if you know someone who could have known the Schutt brothers, please contact me!

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