Family Krake

Family Krake – Minna, Gretchen, Herbert and Gustav – spent their vacation in July 1912 at the Baltic Sea on the island of Rügen.


If only I knew who was who in this stunning photograph!


The RPPC is addressed to sister-in-law Ida Meinhardt in Triebes, Germany. The Krakes are enjoying their stay very much and are looking forward to hearing from the folks back home. The address the Krake’s give to contact them on Rügen is Villa Maria in Marienstrasse.

Source: Villa Maria

This holiday home has indeed existed for more than a century, and still does! Look at that!

At close examination I discovered that the “blind” photo lot I purchased on ebay also included other photos of the Krake’s.

I assume that this might have been their daughter’s 18th (or 21st?) birthday or graduation of some sorts. She looks too old for a confirmation photo (and I’m not seeing a tiny bible) and for it to be a wedding photo, we are missing the groom. These 2 photos were printed in Leipzig-Gohlis, which might be a clue regarding where the Krake’s lived or their daughter studied. Unfortunately, I find no persons with the surname Krake living in Leipzig between 1912-1915.

Also, the photo lot included a group photo of the Krake’s and the Neißen’s. I wonder how the two families were connected?

Did you notice that the man in uniform is gently touching the arm of Krake’s daughter? She looks radiantly happy! Perhaps the Neißens were the fiance’s parents?

The same person has handwritten the names on the back of the next photograph. It shows a group photo from August 1914 and it says “from right to left: Ilse, Hertha, Gretel, I myself, Kati (?). In the beach chair Hilda Trumel“. The I-person looks very similar to the Neißen’s daughter from the photo above. So perhaps she labelled both of the photos.

And with so many photos of the same family and so many clues, I still come back with nothing. I find no Herbert or Gustav Krake in the records available to me online. Perhaps Meinhardt was the mother’s maiden name (she writes to her sister-in-law Ida Meinhardt, perhaps her brother’s wife)? Grethel could be a nickname for Margaretha or Margarethe; Minna could be short for Wilhelmina. I’ve searched all those combinations. But, again no luck finding either. If you have any new clues or ideas where to search, please let me know!



2 thoughts on “Family Krake

  1. Christoph says:


    on Amcestry, I find several Krake address book records in Leipzig 1915. One of them is

    Krake, H., lawyer (Windmühlenstraße 7), Gohlis, Friedrich-Karl-Straße 50

    “H. Krake” along with the place name Gohlis suggests to me that this could be the Herbert Krake on one of the photos.


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