The Brick Walls, 5

Some persons have left no papertrail behind. Could they have really led such quiet lives so much under the radar of future genealogists that we find nothing on them today? Maybe that was their intention. But maybe they wish we dug deeper, and remember their faces, their stories, their names. So let’s do that with another set of my brick walls.

“Here to remember our silver wedding anniversary on November 21st, 1939. Ernst and Anna Erben”

I think the couple celebrating their silver wedding anniversary is the one standing behind the older couple. I suppose the elderly sitting are the parents of the couple, and the girls are their daughters.

This photo will remain a brick wall for me for now. Although I have the names and their wedding date (21.11.1914), I have not been able to find them in any records.


“From left to right:
Resch, Karl-Paul; Schroth, Paul; Wilsch, Rudolf; Lange, Eugen”

I’ve tried to find the common denominator for these 4 boys. Without a location, it’s proven difficult. So much plays into if the records I am lucky enough to find about persons with these names are actually about the persons in this photograph. From which region in Germany does the photo orginate from? Were they born in the same town, went to school in another? Is it safe to assume that the boys lived their lives in the same region as adults, or did they move? When was this photo taken? I assume after 1905 when real photo postcards became popular. How old are the boys in this photo? 12-14 years old? Did they survive WWI? They certainly look to be at the “suitable” age to be drafted a few years later. 

I have several photos of this brick wall. Perhaps his name was Fritz Diedel and perhaps he lived in Greiz? This is the only clue on the back of one of his photos. But it could also have been an addressee of his portrait.

There’s not much I can be sure of regarding this gentleman. Perhaps he had a daughter, the little girl sitting in his lap. If this was his family, or his wife’s, they look like a fun crowd! He might have worked in a bank or an office and he probably wore a suit to work every day. If you recognise him, please let me know!

“Greetings from your old friend Otto R. Tenscher. Easter 1918 in Kreuznach”
I can only hope that private Tenscher survived WWI. In 1919, he is listed as missing. At least someone kept his photo for all those years.

The Lehmanns. And that’s all we know about them. Do you know this lovely family?

“New Year’s greetings from family Strombe/Straube” (I am not sure).
RPPC written on December 31st,1921, and found in Germany.

If you recognise anyone in these photos, please let me know!

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