The Schaible family

UPDATED: The photo album has been returned to the family!

It is time to open a new photo album! It came to me from German ebay and I’ve been sitting on this well-labelled album for a while, every now and then trying my luck with more research on the names mentioned in it.

Meet Otto Schaible and Klara née Miller on their First Communion day, the “main characters” of this found photo album. Otto was born in 1912 and Klara in 1908. About 30 years later they became man and wife when they married in 1939. They had a son Otto in 1940. Unfortunately Otto Jr. has passed away.

Otto and Klara Schaible

Because the album is labelled with names and birth dates, I could locate the family Schaible in one historical record, available on Ancestry (Click HERE).

The Schaibles lived in Biberach, Ulm. There were altogether 6 siblings, born in 1900, 1902, 1903, 1908, 1910 and 1912. Above you see the First Communion photos of four of the siblings, which means they were Catholics. There is no photo of the oldest brother Johann. Another brother Otto, the first Otto, unfortunately died as a baby. It was pretty common to give another child, born later, the name of a deceased sibling. So there was the baby Otto born and died in 1903, and then the Otto of our found photo album, born in 1912. As well as sisters Maria and Luise and a brother Franz Xaver, named after the siblings’ father.

Although I cannot be sure, but I think this might be Otto’s oldest brother Johann’s wedding photo. He was born in December 1900 and wedded Rosina née Brachert on April 19th, 1927, in Ulm. This wedding photo is from that era. According to their marriage record, which I’ve found in the public archives on Ancestry (Click HERE), Johann was a train conductor in Ulm at the time. Rosina was born in 1904 in Bächingen an der Brenz in Bavaria to parents Johann Michael Brachert and Katharina née Fetzer. The couple apparently moved to Blaubeuren in 1933, about 200 km away from Ulm.

The siblings’ father Franz Xaver Schaible was a shoemaker by profession. The father and mother Rosine married in 1900.

I’ve not been able to dig up much on Klara or her family. I don’t know where Klara was born. But it’s a good guess that the man above was Klara’s brother Max. Another photo in the photo album labels this man to be Max Miller, born in 1909. Klara Miller was born in 1908, just a year earlier. Max was married to a woman called Käthe. Max served in the WWII and survived it. He passed away in 1966.

Klara with friends on a trip to Schammertal in June 1929. Klara is 21 years old in this photograph. Schammertal was a hidden valley, close to Ulm, the town where the Schaibles were from. Is it on this trip that she met her future husband?

Klara Miller went to school in Krumbach, Bavaria. Perhaps she was born in Krumbach or somewhere in Bavaria? You can’t miss her in the photograph! Her classmates played musical instruments, I wonder if Klara did too? Or was she in the choir instead? This could also be a confirmation photo and she could be holding a bible.

Otto Schaible

There are many other photos in this wonderful photo album, probably friends and family that I have not been able to identify.

Also, I’ve been able to track 5 generations of the Schaibles in the papertrail which is why I thought it best to put up a small Schaible tree on Ancestry (Click HERE).

Update: The photo album has now been returned to the family who had no idea this photo album even existed!

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