Heinrich Krevert

This found photo first gave me hope – I had a name (Heinz Krevert), location (Giessen in Germany) and birthdate (March 5th, 1909).

The back of the photo says: “To my dearest Maria on my 31st birthday on March 5th, 1940 (in Giessen).”

My hope soon turned into chills: this young man had fallen in May 1940 just 2 months after he had this photo taken! Let’s honour his memory with this blogpost about him.

Heinz (full name Heinrich Wilhelm) Krevert was born on March 5th, 1909, in Giessen to parents Heinrich Krevert and Elisabetha née Koch. His parents had married in August 1908, so he was their first born son. I have not had access to Giessen Catholic church books to find out if Heinz had any younger siblings.

Heinz fell in the battels at Fort de Tancrémonte on May 12th, 1940. On that day, the Germans attacked, having already captured Eben-Emael the previous day. Heinz was one of the many who lost their lives in that attack of the German troops. He now lies on the German soldiers’ cemetery in Lommel, Belgium, administered by the German War Graves Commission.

Before he was drafted to the army, Heinz worked side by side with his father in latter’s tailor business Krevert Heinrich & Son in Giessen. The 1937 adress book of Giessen lists both men living in the adress of their business on Plockstrasse 7 in Giessen. The tailors sewed overcoats and suits as well as uniforms for the army. Today in that address, Google Maps streetview shows buildings that were obviously built after WWII. Giessen was heavily bombed in 1944 with almost all of the old town destroyed.

Master tailor Heinrich Krevert Sr. is listed to continue his business in the same address in 1951 and in 1954. In 1954, Heinrich is listed as a retiree, but still living in the same address. But there are no other Kreverts living or working in that address. Instead, the business has been taken over by one Robert Michl, master tailor. So looks like that was the end of the Krevert family business in that address.

I was also able to track down another generation, Heinz’ grandparents Theodor Krevert and Dina neé Vormann and Franz Joseph Koch and Anna Maria neé Nett.

Heinz was not married at the time of his death. but perhaps he was hoping to marry his dear Maria after the war. Or Maria might also have been his younger sister, who knows! What I can be pretty sure of is that whoever Maria was for Heinz, somewhere a Maria cried bitter tears having learnt of this senseless death and kept this photo for us to find. May he rest in peace.

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