The Brick Walls, 6

An old cigar box, full of old photos. And some of them identified! I was more than excited to start my “detective” work. Only to hit some new brick walls.

Gertrud Potreck in Königsberg (formerly Prussia, now Kaliningrad in Russia) in 1917.

She was a nanny of two children whose names have been scribbled in pencil later in modern handwriting: “Wolf und Werner Pautarin/Pantarin/Pantarim/Pantunis/Pantenis/Pantenius(?)”

Any more suggestions? I haven’t found any similar family name in Königsberg at the time. I did find one thing about Gertrud Potreck which is quite sad. She bore a stillborn baby in 1911😢.

Click HERE for document on Ancestry

She was unmarried at the time. She looks to be married when this photo was taken (I see a wedding band). I hope life turned out good for her despite her loss. She must have been great with children if the family kept a photograph of her all these years.

The next one up is one Miss Irma Ahrens in Hamburg on September 5th, 1918.

I’ve found one Irma Karla Elsbeth Henni Toni (wow, 5 first names) Ahrens marrying a businessman Ernst Pohl in Hamburg in September 1920. That Irma was born in 1900 which would make her 18 years old in this photo. She and Ernst had a son Kurt in 1921. Unfortunately he died in the battles of WWII in 1942. So she and her husband survived WWI, he might have even served. And then they lose their son in the next war at just 21 years of age. I don’t know if they had any other children. And of course, I am not 100% this is the same Irma. If it was her, I hope she made the best out of her tragic situation. She passed away in 1983 at 83 years of age.

As next we have two cabinet cards I came across in my local thrift store.

The larger one says “Willi’s mother” and the photo was taken in Hamburg, dated March 25th, 1896. She looks slightly pregnant to me. She might even be showing it off a bit, the way she is holding her hand against her dress.

The smaller photo says “Willi Waernecke’s mother as confirmee”. The photo was taken in Hagenow, Germany. This photo predates the other photo.

I suppose Willi or his descendants lived in Hamburg since the photos were found in Hamburg. There are several Willis that could fit the description in the paper trail but unfortunately I can’t be sure which Willi is the one whose mother’s photos I’ve shared. I would need to find a Willi Waernecke whose mother was probably born around 1865-1875, probably grew up in Hagenow where she attended the church as a confirmee. She moved to Hamburg perhaps through marriage.

Fritz Studenicka from Rüdigershagen on his celebration of 1st Communion.

His handwriting tells me this photo might be from post-WWII. He might have been born during war years. But nothing solid comes up for him that ties him to a town called Rüdigershagen in Germany. I’ve also tried Studnicka and Friedrich instead of Fritz.There is a Fritz Studenicka living in Vienna in the 1960s, but is that him? Maybe Fritz today is an old man and would like this photo back!

Maria Höch at Easter 1949.

Another photo of the 1st Holy Communion. Unfortunately no reference to location. If Maria is about 8-9 years old here, she was born into WWII. She might even be alive today! Do you recognise her?

Thank’s for stopping by! Always grateful for your comments and clues!

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