The Brick Walls, 7

Random faces, they all walked this Earth and left their prints behind. And yet, it’s as if they never existed. Maybe I’ve been looking in the wrong places? By sharing these photos with you I hope to receive new clues. Let’s find them!

Hilde Kratschmann in June 1936.

The photos were taken in Zwittau (Svitavy in today’s Czech Republic). She looks like a movie star, don’t you think!

“From your secretary Ruth Goldfriedrich. Christmas 43”.

The photo was taken in Görlitz, Germany. Did she get married and change her surname? Why cannot I find her?

“From your friend A. Gotthardt. Neumünster, December 4th, 1916.”

The initial A. is not much help here, it could be anything from Anna to Antonia. Gotthardt is a pretty common German surname as well. So I’m stuck.

Walter and Otto from Schönlinde (today Krásná Lípa in the Czech Republic).

According to the description on the back, Walter was about 17 and Otto about 11 1/2 years old in December 1925 when this photo was taken. Taking into account the strong similarities in facial features, I think it’s safe to assume that Walter and Otto were brothers. But what was their surname? And were they born in Schönlinde?

I will leave these faces here and wish upon a star that someone somewhere will recognise them.

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