Horst Illing

This little darling and his teddy bear came to me with other photos, taken in Mülsen in Sachsen, Germany, through German ebay.

The boy is identified as Horst Illing (from Mülsen St.) Micheln. The photo was taken in Mülsen St. Jacob where the family lived at the time.

Horst Illing was born on June 10th, 1924, to parents Ernst Clemens Illing and Elsa née Günther.

According to the German military records from WWI, father Ernst was born on March 12th, 1887, and served in WWI and luckily survived the war (Click HERE for his military information on Ancestry). At the time of service, Ernst was married to Elsa and they already had one child, so we can assume that Horst had an older brother or sister. Horst grandparents were landowners Hermann and Wilhelmine Illing who lived in Mülsen St. Micheln.

I have not been able to find any records of Horst’s parents wedding or his possible siblings. But I did discover something sad about the fate of this cute boy. I am sorry to tell you that Horst was killed in action in WWII in August 1943 at the tender age of just 19 years (Click HERE for his military file available on Ancestry). He had been a marine and fell in action on the sea (Click HERE for information in the database of the German War Graves Maintenance Organisation Volksbund). He is buried at the Moltenort Submarine Memorial in Heikendorf, Plön, in Schleswig-Holstein.

Source: Find A Grave (Click HERE)

Horst probably wasn’t married yet. His mother Elsa is listed as the person to contact in his military file.

I feel so sad every time I have to type another sad story about a life taken by senseless wars. He hadn’t even lived yet and already his life candle was blown out. But it is important to remember these stories so that something as awful as WWII can never happen again.

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