The Moseders from Munich

This small lot of photos of the same woman came to me from the German ebay. The identity of this lady was haunting me several days and it began to look like another brick wall.

There were hardly any clues to hold on to. One of her photos was taken in Munich, Germany. So perhaps this is where she lived at the time.

Another photos shows her and an older lady holding a dog in front of a house of one K. Moseder. Could this be her surname and that her mother or mother-in-law?

By the way, did you notice the teddy-bear in the window? 🙂

And then there was this photo of the same woman standing in front of a shop of some sorts. Toilet paper, shoe wax, beer are just a few items you can recognise in the shop window. Did she work in that shop or owned it with her family? And where was that shop located?

An attentive follower on my Facebook page dug deep into the research with me. She found one Friedrich Moseder, owning a shop of delicacies in Fraunhofstr. 8 in Munich, Germany, in 1915. Could this be the shop? The building does not exist anymore, so I cannot compare the facades. The family lived in Ickstattstr. 11 in Munich.

Munich addressbook 1915

In 1919, the shop moved to Hans-Sachs-Str. in Munich, but this photo looks to be from an earlier year, more like during WWI. Could the woman in our photos be related to that branch of the Moseders?

There were no Moseders to be found in the Munich address books before 1915 and we don’t know where they moved to Munich from. Besides the said Friedrich Moseder, the Munich addressbooks list one Karl Moseder living in Jahrstr. 5 in 1918, and in Nieserstr. 1 from 1919. Could this have been the K. Moseder whose house we can see in the above photo with the dog and the teddy-bear?

Munich addressbook 1922

When I searched for more information on Friedrich Moseder, I came across WWI military records of one Friedrich Moseder whose parents Friedrich and Anna were tradesmen in Munich. Perhaps owners of that shop of delicacies listed in the addressbooks above? At the time of WWI, the soldier Friedrich was married to one Eugenie née Raualter. His profession is listed as butcher and his residence in Munich (Click HERE to view his military records on Ancestry). Could the woman in our photos be Friedrich’s wife Eugenie or his sister?

So many unanswered questions, so many clues yet brickwalls everywhere. Hopefully someone who knows the Moseders will find this blogpost and shed light on this mysterious photo lot.

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