Lorena “Lo” Storck Piper

Lorina “Lo” Storck

This photo came to me together with the photo of the Goppinger sisters. It says:

Lo Storck Henry’s youngest sister

At first I did not see a connection between the two photos. But after I had researched the Goppinger sisters, I had found out that these girls later became sisters-in-law! Henry Storck was Elizabeth née Goppinger’s husband, Lula née Goppinger had married August Frederick Storck and little Lorena “Lo” was the Storck brothers’ youngest sister.

Lorena “Lo” Storck and sisters Lula and Elizabeth Goppinger who later in life became sisters-in-law

Lorena “Lo” Anna Sophia Maria Storck was born on August 14th, 1899, in Ross, Franklin, Iowa. She was the youngest of the at least 8 Storck siblings, born to parents August Storck and Augusta née Bielefeld.

Like the confirmation of all Storck children, Lo’s confirmation also took place in the Zion St. John’s Church in Sheffield, Iowa, in August 1915 (Click HERE on Ancestry). I can’t find any earlier photos of the church, so I don’t know if the church looked like that when Lorena attended it.

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Source: Ebay click HERE

How German was this church back in the day? Was attending this church kind of an homage to the German heritage of the Storck family? The lists of the children who attended the confirmation are all in German, so are most of their names. Some of the children with a very German name have later americanized their name. I find August Heinrich Wilhelm Storck on the list of confirmees who later americanized his name to William. Or Henry Storck’s German first name was Hermann Heinrich Christian Storck. August Frederick Storck’s German name was August Friedrich Heinrich. Maybe the WW1 had something to do with americanizing their names. Maybe they needed an American name for the outside world whereas at home they might still have been called by their German names, who knows!

But back to Lorena. She married Alva Hamilton Piper on July 9th, 1924, in Des Moines, Iowa (Click HERE). The couple had a son Robert “Bobby” Duane Piper on July 28th, 1926. Bobby was a veteran of WWII in the US Army. Bobby passed away on February 29th, 1976. His obituary lists three children: Jerry Robert Piper (born 1950); William C. Piper (born in 1952); Donald H. Piper (born in 1955). All three men seem to be alive today.

Lorena herself passed away on March 22nd, 1987, in Mesa, Maricopa County, Arizona, and has been buried next to her husband Alva at Evergreen Cemetery in Emmetsburg, Palo Alto County, Iowa.

Lorena’s parents August and Augusta Storck were both German immigrants. Lorena’s father Hermann August Storck had been born on April 25th, 1853, in Enger, Westfalen in Prussia, to parents Friedrich Wilhelm Stork and Catharina Marie Luise née Schlüter. According to the 1900 census, he had come to the United States in 1873 with just 20 years of age. He was one of the youngest children in his family and in hierarchy pretty much at the far end of inheriting any land from his elders. So perhaps that motivated his bold move to set sail towards the promise land of America. He became a farmer. By the census 1900 he had been naturalized as American citizen.

Lorena’s mother Augusta Wilhelmina Matilda née Bielefeld had been born in 1857. I have found Augusta’s family on a passenger list of the steamship “Baltier”, arriving at Ellis Island in 1867 and carrying her parents Carl and Wilhelmina Bielefeld and their five children, all between the ages of 9 and 4 (Click HERE for the passenger list on MyHeritage). Carl was a baker by profession, probably eager to introduce the German baking traditions to the New World. I hope he was successful, the bread in German is almost holy :-).

The couple got married on August 30th, 1877, in Cottage Grove, Dane, Wisconsin. August passed away in 1907 when Lorina was just 8 years old. Mother Augusta passed away in 1918. They were buried at St. John Zion Cemetery in Sheffield, Franklin County, Iowa.

I hope this photo can be returned to Lorena’s grandchildren. If you know any of the Jerry, William and Donald Piper who are in their 60s today, please let them know their granny’s photo is with me.

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