Amandus Mügge from Hamburg

UPDATE: Amandus’ photo has been returned and has gone home to his directy descendants.

Finally I could research someone from my homecity Hamburg! This young man came to me from the German ebay. The name hand-written on this CDV is Amandus Mügge and the year 1885. Young Amandus appears to be not older than 15-18 years old in this photo, so I set out to look for someone with this name, born between 1867-1870. And I found him!

Amandus Jakob Andreas Mügge was born on July 30th, 1870, in Blankenese in Hamburg, Germany, as the oldest son of Carl Johann Amandus Mügge and Johanna Henriette Amalie née Gross. Father Carl was a businessman and the trader of delicacies who owned a business in Graumannsweg 20 in Hamburg. He had one older sister Johanna Henriette Friederike Theodora Mügge (1869-1944), and he became a big brother to three younger brothers Edmund August Anton Louis Mügge (1874-1941), August Amandus Emil Oskar Mügge (1880-1965), Henry Louis Otto Richard Mügge (born in 1883) and two younger sisters Johanna Henriette Sophie König (1871-1950) and Amanda Marie Wilhelmine Paula Mügge (born in 1885).

In May 1900, Amandus married painter George Schade’s daughter Marie, and in the course of the next 19 years, the couple had altogether 10 children!

Source on Ancestry click HERE

I find Amandus in the Hamburg addressbooks of 1908 up until the late 1930s working as a bank clerk. The address he is registered to live at all those years is Sagebiels Weg 3 in Hamburg. There are lots of old villas in that part of Hamburg still standing and it is one of the most expensive living quarters in Hamburg today. So they definitely needed a big house for all their children, a steady income from the bank and lots of playing opportunities outside for the children for which the “beach” area along the Elbe river was perfect for, I suppose.

Amandus Mügge’s children were:

— Olga (Inge) Mügge (1901-1999) married Hans Heller in 1924 and they had 6 children.

— Elsa Mügge (1902-1983)

— Lilli Mügge (1903-1986) married Hans Ballauf in 1923 and the couple had 3 children.

— Käthe Mügge (1905-1999). Käthe emigrated to the United States in 1930 on her own as a single woman. Her destination according to the passenger list of the vessel “Seattle” (Click HERE to view) was Los Angeles, her profession “household”. She married one William George in 1937 and the couple lived in Los Angeles. William was 11 years older than Käthe and had been naturalised in 1933. The couple had two daughters, Kathrin (born in 1938) and Margaret (born in 1940). In 1941, Käthe applied for the US citizenship.

— Alice Mügge (1908-1980) married Fritz Georg Becker in 1936 and they had three children whose names I have not been able to find out.

— Alfred Mügge was born in 1909. I don’t know anything else about Alfred.

— Richard Mügge (1910-1973) married Karla née Prigge in 1939 and the couple had 3 children whose names I don’t know.

— Günter Mügge (1912-1943) was killed in 1945 during WWII during a battle in Ukraine (Click HERE).

— Klara Mügge (1914-2003) married twice: Wilhelm Böttler and Robert Pracht. I don’t know if Klara had any children.

— Marianne was still-born in 1920.

Amandus passed away on November 15th, 1949, at the age of 79. Up until his death, he had been living in the same house in Sagebiels Weg 3 in Hamburg. Next time I go for a walk in that part of town, I’ll take a photo of the house in case it is still standing.

Source on Ancestry click HERE

Hoping to reach out to the many descendents of Amandus and return this family treasure to Amandus’ great-grandchildren some day! Leaving you here with a colorised photo of young Hamburger Amandus Mügge, the future bank clerk and father of 10.

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