Friedrich Johannes Seifert and wife Anne Emilie from Hamburg

Anne Emilie née Feddersen and Friedrich Johannes Seifert

These two photos came to me from German ebay together with the photo of Amandus Mügge from my previous blogpost. It is always a pleasure to find photos from my own home city of Hamburg in Germany. And eventhough the persons are just named as “mother’s mother” and “mother’s father”, they hold very valuable clues: someone has scribbled their exact birth and death dates on the back of the photos!

I had almost given up on finding this couple in the records. But not my followers on Instagram :)! Three persons approached me with exactly the same findings – the persons in the photos are the husband and wife Friedrich Johannes Seifert and Anne Emilie née Feddersen from Hamburg! How incredible is that? Oh, I am still in awe and so grateful for the community of “detectives” on Instagram!

Friedrich Johannes Seifert was born January 24th in 1860 in Hamburg to parents Caspar Friedrich Seifert and Anna née Hanssen. Friedrich’s father Caspar was a sexton in Altona, Hamburg, and Friedrich’s own choice of profession might have been influenced by that, too. He became a sculptor by profession. There even was a second photo of him in the photo lot, probably taken a couple of years earlier.

According to a family tree of Friedrich’s father Caspar Seifert published on Ancestry (which strangely does not include our Friedrich Johannes), Friedrich had 5 siblings. His parents died in 1910 and 1912 respectively.

Friedrich married Anne Emilie Auguste née Feddersen on May 22nd, 1886, in Altona, Hamburg (Click HERE to view their marriage record). Anne had been born on September 12th, 1863 to parents Friedrich August Feddersen and Anna Dorothea Friederica née Hoffmann. Anne lost both her parents fairly young. Her mother Anna Dorothea died in 1885, and her father Friedrich, who had been a tax officer in Hamburg, had passed away even before that.

So if the above photos of the couple were taken on the same day in May 1882, perhaps this is when they got engaged?

Friedrich and Anne first lived in Mittelweg 93 in Hamburg, then in Kiebitzstr. 42, and later moved to Lohkoppelstr. 31. None of the houses seem to exist in their original structure anymore, probably destroyed during WWII. The third address is actually not that far from where I live, so I might go for a walk and check out the street some day soon.

Friedrich and Anne had 9 children over the course of 14 years:

1)Anna Friederike Emilie Seifert was born on September 9th, 1886. Unfortunately I have found no other details about her life.

2) Erna Johanna Seifert was born on January 12th, 1888. She married Karl Frerker on September 30th, 1916. Karl was 3 years younger than Erna and worked as a sales assistant. Erna was widowed in 1933 when her husband Karl unexpectedly passed away at just 42 years of age. I find Erna Frerker living in Osnabrück in 1955. Erna and Karl had a son Carl, born in 1923, who was killed in action in 1940. Looks like Erna might have had a daughter as well, born in 1920 and married in 1941, but I am yet to find out her name. Perhaps she was the owner of these photos of her grandparents?

3) Anne Caroline Martha Seifert was born on January 28th, 1889. Looks like she didn’t marry and she worked as a labourer. Unfortunately I have found no other details about her life.

4) Henriette Karoline Martha Seifert was born on February 11th, 1890. According to a family tree published on MyHeritage, she was a seamstress by profession. She married the widowed Paul Johann Christian Schippmann in 1925. Paul was a painter by profession. Paul passed away in 1957, and Henriette in 1966. Paul had two children from his first marriage but I have not found any children for Paul and Henriette.

5) Luise Christine Gertrud Seifert was born on May 7th, 1892, but died just 3 months later.

6) Carl Emil Johannes Seifert was born on June 24th, 1894. He died during WWI in 1916 at just 21 years of age, cause of death: tuberculosis. His remains were buried at the WWI fallen soldiers’ section of the Ohlsdorf Cemetery in Hamburg.

7) Frieda Marie Gertrud Seifert was born on August 11th, 1896. She married the barber Max Emil Schwerdtner on August 9th, 1919 in Hamburg. In 1960, Max and Frieda were living in Hamburg. Max passed away in 1964, and Frieda in 1987. I don’t know if the couple had children.

8) Johanna Olga Helene Seifert was born on June 2nd, 1898. She passed away in February 1964 in Hamburg. I don’t know if she married and had any children.

9) Rudolf Emil Ernst Seifert passed away as a 6-month-old-baby on July 28th, 1900.

Friedrich Johannes Seifert passed away on January 7th, 1918 (Click HERE to view his death record). His death record does not state the cause of his early death at the age of just 57 years. His wife Anne Seifert passed away 8 years later on February 11th, 1926 (Click HERE to view her death record). The person to report her death to the authorities was one Emil Seifert, telegraph mechanic. I wonder who he was to Anne, a grandson, or her husband’s relative?

There was another photo in the Seifert photo lot, labelled in the same handwriting as “Vati’s Vater”. Unfortunately there are no other details, except for the location of the photo studio in Hamburg. But since it seems to belong to the Seifert photos, I feel it should also be mentioned in this blogpost, just in case one day someone will make the discovery and be able to identify this family member.

Please do let me know if you recognise the Seiferts from Hamburg, or their descendants: I would love to return these treasures to their family!

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