Hattie Lampman from Chardon, Ohio

This lovely lady with a bow in her hair was Hattie Lampman who had her photo taken in Chardon, Ohio, at about the turn of the last century. My first thought was that Hattie could have been a pet name for Harriet or Henrietta. But after some research I’m sure her first name was Hattie and I’m pretty confident that I found the right Hattie in the records for you.

Hattie Lampman was born on October 19th, 1883, in Munson, Ohio, to parents Grove Lampman and Aldora Maria née Bond, both Munson-born. Munson Township is just 5 miles from Chardon, where the photo was taken. Hattie’s father Grove was a farmer. Hattie had an older sister Jessie (1881-1937) and she herself became an older sister to 6 other siblings – Ora May (1885-1919), Robert Edwin (1893-1971), Josie (1897-1897), Jennie (1897-1912), Glenn (1899-1913). Unfortunately a few of her siblings passed away at a very young age. What a tragedy this must have been for Hattie and her family!

When Hattie was 24 years old, she married a farmer Sanford C. Rayl on June 9th, 1906, in Geauga, Ohio. Sanford was 7 years older than Hattie. At the time, Hattie was a teacher. The couple had four children:

–Virginia Bell Rayl (1908-1951), married Clinton Woodruff in 1930.

–Harry Sanford Rayl (1909-1958), married Julia née Duricka in 1933.

–Lester B. Rayl (1914-1987)

–Mildred C. Rayl (1918-1995), married Walter Henderson.

Hattie was widowed in 1926 when her husband Sanford passed away at the age of 50. In 1938, Hattie married Sanford’s older brother William Rayl who was also a farmer. The couple could enjoy a lovely 15 years of marriage, before Hattie passed away in 1951 and William in 1959. Hattie was buried at the Chardon Municipal Cemetery in Chardon, Geauga County in Ohio.

Hattie’s Lampman paternal ancestors were German immigrants who arrived in New York in about 1710. Hattie’s great-great-grandfather Peter Lampman fought in the American War of Independence as a corporale. Her great-grandfather Stephan Lampman fought in the 1812 War as a private. And Hattie’s grandfather Edwin Lampman, who had been born in 1814 in New York, served in the American Civil War on the side of the Union.

I haven’t been able to find out if Hattie had any grandchildren. There are two very well researched family trees of Hattie on Familysearch.org and also on Ancestry.com. I’ve added her photo to FamilySearch as well as to FindaGrave.com.

Please contact me if you are related to Hattie!

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