Sisters Gretel and Frieda Schlegel

This little batch of photos came to me from German ebay. These are photos of one family Schlegel: sisters Gretel and Frieda and their parents.

Although all the photos are identified with names and I have clues regarding locations, I don’t find anything on this family in the papertrail, available to me online.

Firstly, were their names Gretel and Frieda, or perhaps Margarethe and Elfriede? The photo of them together (below) was taken in 1907 and I assume they were in their late teens or early 20s in that photo, so were they born perhaps in the late 1880s?

Frieda Schlegel has been marked as someone’s “Oma” which means “granny” in German. Her married name was Schädlich, but I have no clue as to whom she married or who those photos belonged to. Frieda was just 17 years old in the photo below.

Frieda was stunning, don’t you think! Her beautiful portrait below was taken in Zwickau in Germany.

I have nothing on Gretel Schlegel, except that one of her photos below was taken in Plauen, Germany.

The batch includes photos of “parents Schlegel, Frieda Schädlich’s mother and father”. But what were their first names?

There is another photo of the mum in the batch. Doesn’t she look like someone whose eyes were always smiling!

There are also two CDV portraits from an earlier decade, looks like the 1880s. These are Waleska and Magdalene Schlegel.

Because these ladies are identified as Schlegel, they must have been related to the sisters’ father. Perhaps they were the sisters’ paternal aunts then? Those two photos were taken in Treptow an der Rega (Trzebiatów in today’s Poland). So could this be the clue that the sisters’ father was originally from Treptow too.

I hope that by sharing this photo series with you, perhaps some of you might recognise these faces and names, or perhaps have more clues for me so that we could discover more of their story together.

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