Eugene Selleck and wife Olinda

My last blogpost was about Polly Crannell née Selleck. It is only after I wrote it that I realised there was another photo with that surname in the batch which I had bought from the Instagram seller @threebrowndogsantiques from the United States.

This one wears the stamp of the American Civil War era, it was taken in Fort Edward in N.Y. and is labelled:

“Uncle Eugene and Aunt Linda Selleck”

So who was Eugene and how was he perhaps related to Polly?

Eugene E. Selleck was born on July 23rd, 1839, in Queensbury, Warren, New York. From the information I’ve gathered, it looks like Eugene was Polly’s nephew – his father Jonas Selleck and Polly were siblings!

I assume that Eugene’s biological mother passed away early in his childhood and his father Jonas married Anna who was about 19 years younger than him. I cannot find any records of Jonas Selleck and Eugene earlier than 1850 at which time Jonas was already married to Anna. There is just one MyHeritage family tree that has information on their mother whose name could have been Achsah née Stone and who passed away in 1845. But I have no historical records to back this up.

In the 1855 Census, Eugene, his father Jonas and stepmom Anna with all his siblings were living in Queensbury, Warren, New York, USA. Father Jonas was a farmer. Eugene looks to have had an older brother Jerome and younger sibling Fayette who I assume shared the same biological mother with him. Eugene became an older brother to at least 3 more siblings. The first one was named Achsah. Such a lovely gesture from stepmom Anna to give her firstborn the name of the dead mother of her stepchildren!

Sometime between 1860 and 1863, Eugene married Olinda “Linda” L. née Dutton. In the census of 1860, Eugene was still living as a single man with his father and siblings. I cannot find the couple’s marriage record, but according to Eugene’s Civil War draft registration record, he was already married in 1863 when he was drafted. At the time, Eugene and Olinda were living in Kingsbury, N.Y, just 15 miles from Fort Edward where this photo of them was taken.

Olinda née Dutton had been born on May 23rd, 1840, in Vermont, to Isaac E. (1817-1891) and Laura Dutton (1817-1899). Her father Isaac was a grocer. Looks like Olinda didn’t have any siblings. In the 1855 Census, she and her parents were also living in Queensbury, Warren County, just like her future husband Eugene.

I am not sure about the year on the stamp, but it might look like 1863. So perhaps this photo of them was taken just months before Eugene joined the battles of the Civil War.

Eugene returned from the war to his wife and small son Willard and the couple became parents to 3 more children. According to the 1880 Census, Eugene and Olinda and their 4 children remained in Queensbury where Eugene was farming.

Eugene passed away on January 28th, 1899, and Olinda in July 1910. They were both buried at the Quaker Cemetery in Queensbury, Warren County. Here’s a link to their gravesite on FindAGrave. I have added their photos to their profiles.

And this is what I could find out about their 3 sons and 1 daughter:

1. Willard “Willie” E. Selleck (1861-1927) was a farmer, like his father. He married Frances “Fanny” née Eddy (1857-1927) in 1887. They had a son Maurice Selleck (1892-1971) who was married to Florence Selleck but I don’t know if the couple had any children.

2. Frederic “Fredey” Selleck (1865-?) married Mary L. “Minnie” Corlew in 1890. The couple had one child Milford E. Selleck who died in 1919. I don’t know if Milford and his wife Ethel had any children.

3. Adelbert Selleck (1874-1933). I don’t know if he and his wife Cora had any children.

4. Netta A. Selleck (1876-1936) married Claud D. Mead in 1898, but I don’t think the couple had any children (there are none listed in the 1910 Census when Netta and Claud were both in their early 30s).

As to Eugene’s paternal line of the Sellecks, please read more about it in my last blogpost about Eugene’s aunt Polly Crannell née Selleck.

Another interesting twist – one of my favourite photo detectives from our orphaned photo community, @therescuedphoto, is in possession of another photo of Eugene and Olinda, as well as Eugene’s brother Decatur Fayette Selleck and his wife Sarah! Please read her blogpost about Fayette and Sarah HERE.

I wonder if Eugene and Linda’s great-great-grandchildren might be out there somewhere. Let me know if you recognise these names in your family tree!

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