Julia Fowler née Green

Julia Fowler Green. An image of her in the 1880s. But where was she from? It is not often at all that I find a tintype that is identified. And even when I have a name, I usually don’t have any clues regarding the location etc. So I can only hope that this lovely lady is the same Julia Fowler Green I have identified in the records.

Julia Eliza Green was born on December 13th, 1859, in Union County, Ohio. Her parents William Green and Esther née Pounds had altogether 14 children who were born between 1850 and 1872. Sadly, father William passed away in 1873, and mother Esther just 5 years later in 1878. 6 of Julia’s siblings did not live beyond 1880 either, including her older brother Richard.

The parents had moved the family from Ohio to Illinois in 1863. In the 1880 Census, some of the siblings, including Julia, were living together in Southwest (Crawford), Illinois. Richard and some of the younger brothers (Fletcher, Judson, William) were working on a farm. Julia as the oldest of the sisters in the household was keeping house and working as a teacher in a public school.

The Greens were deeply religious and devoted Christians. And so it happened that their son-in-law James Calvin Fowler was a man of religion too, a minister in the United Brethren Church in the Illinois Conference. In May 1887, Julia married Reverend James Calvin Fowler in Southwest, Illinois. In 1900, the minister and his wife were living in Arcola (Douglas), Illinois. By 1910, the preacher and his wife had moved to Paris Ward (Edgar), Illinois. By 1920, the pastor and wife Julia had moved to Wood River in Madison, Illinois. By 1930, the couple settled down in Robinson in Crawford, Illinois, living at 304 South Howard.

As far as I could find out, the couple had no children. In the 1910 Census, one 15-year-old Bessie Klingler was living with the couple and was referred to as “niece”. This Bessie later adopted her married surname Martin. In the 1940 Census one Bessie Martin, now aged 45, was listed as the Fowlers’ “daughter”, living with them in same address. Bessie was definitely not their biological daughter, as she had been born to parents William and Ottilla Klingler. Bessie’s mother had passed away in 1903, but I don’t know why Bessie didn’t continue to live with her father and brothers. I haven’t found the genealogical connection of the Fowlers, the Greens and the Klinglers, and how she could have been Julia’s or James’ niece. Perhaps the caring Fowlers just offered her a home after her mother’s death and thought of her as a daughter.

The Fowlers enjoyed a long life together. James passed away in 1947 at the age of 85, and Julia in 1948 at the age of 89. They were buried at the Robinson New Cemetery in Robisonson, Illinois.

When I was almost done collecting information about Julia for this blogpost, I came across an excerpt on FamilySearch referring to a bio written by Julia herself about her parents and siblings. When I googled it, I found this genealogical summary of all the Green generations, a document called “Descendants of William Green”, available on the internet under this link HERE. The relevant information about our branch of Greens starts on page 39. It is just beautiful to read how Julia writes about her father, her brothers who passed away too early, their home in Southwest.

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