Julie Cossmann née Cohn

Today’s blogpost is a follow-up to my last blogpost about cousins Felix Cohn and Heinz Cossmann. Today I write about Heinz’ mother and Felix’ paternal aunt Julie Cossmann née Cohn.

Julie Charlotte Cohn was born on February 16th, 1861, in Neustrelitz in Mecklenburg, Germany, to Jewish parents August Cohn and Charlotte Anna née Hahn. Julie was one of (probably) 8 siblings.

Julie married a businessman Hermann Cossmann in Berlin, and the couple had 5 children. Unfortunately Julie’s life was filled with much heartache. Julie lost 3 of her 5 children in their infancy. Daughter Fanny Minna Cossmann, who had been born on January 10th, 1888, died just 10 months later on October 28th, 1889. Julie’s other daughter Susanne Clara Cossmann, who had been born on July 9th, 1892, also died at just 10 months old. Son Werner Hermann Otto Fritz Carl Cossmann, who had been born on February 25th, 1894, died 16 days after his birth…

Of the two children who survived into adulthood, I wrote about her son Heinrich “Heinz” August Cossmann, born on January 12th, 1889, in detail in my last blogpost. One of the boys in the below photo was Heinz Cossmann, and the other boy was Felix Cohn, Julie’s brother Carl Johann Cohn’s son (click HERE to read about the cousins in more detail):

Julie’s other surviving child, daughter Elisabeth Charlotte Cossmann had been born on June 14th, 1891. Elisabeth never married. She emigrated to the United States in May 1937. A person to welcome her in the United States was her cousin Rudolf Cohn, Felix Cohn’s brother! So the two families were obviously in very close contact, especially in the years leading up to WWII. In 1943 Elisabeth was living in Summit, Union, NJ. In her petition for naturalization from 1939, she writes laboratory assistant for her occupation. She travelled back to Europe in 1948. Perhaps she also got to visit her brother Heinz in Germany after many years apart.

Back to mother Julie Cossmann, she was widowed in 1917. In 1920 she was living in Pariser Str. 63 in Berlin. Maybe the photo of her was taken on one of those balconies.

Source: GoogleMaps

I don’t know what exactly happened to her husband Hermann, perhaps he perished in WWI. In any way, Julie was spared the horrific nightmare of WWII, as Julie passed away on September 8th, 1933, in Berlin at the age of 72.

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