Leslie Dwight Eno

“Mirror, mirror, in my hand, am I the cutest toddler in this land?” 🙂

This darling boy was Leslie Dwight Eno (here written Eeno) from New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Leslie was born on June 29th, 1900, in New Bedford to parents Ernest Boyd Eno (1870-1921) and Lillian Estella née Snow (1876-1954).

In 1910, father Ernest was a grocer and together with his wife Lillian he raised three children: daughters Shirley P. Makemson (1898-1949) and Grace Eloise Logan (1906-1989) and son Leslie Dwight Eno in New Bedford.

With the turmoil of WWI, both Leslie and his father were drafted to the US Armed Forces in September 1918. Leslie’s draft card reveals that he was tall, medium built with brown eyes and brown hair. I doubt he was sent overseas to combat, as the WWI came to an end 2 months later.

By 1920, father Ernest had taken the position of a service secretary at the YMCA, and Leslie was working as an electrician with the Union Street Railway Company.

In 1921, Leslie married Laura Malvina Dupuis. And in the same year, they had a son. Unfortunately Leslie Jr. died at just 3 months old.

The Census of 1930 states some strange details about Leslie. He was living as a boarder in Hartford, Connecticut, alone without his wife Laura. He stated to the Census takers that he was an embalmer in an undertaking company, and that his father had been born in Germany, and his mother in England. But that was not true – his father had been been in New York, and his mother in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts. At first I thought he was hiding something, but now I almost feel like he was making most of it up just to entertain the Census taker :).

I can only speculate that the strain of the death of their baby and Leslie’s time away from New Bedford made the couple drift apart and their couple’s marital bliss began to crumble. By 1940, the couple had divorced. Leslie was still living in Hartford, Connecticut, and taking care of his aging mother Lillian who passed away in 1954. His ex-wife Laura owned a beauty shop in New Bedford (see the city drectories of New Bedford through the 1920s up until 1937). Laura passed away in 1976 in New Bedford.

in 1942, with the WWII reaching the US, Leslie was drafted once again to the US Armed Forces.

Leslie’s signature from his WWII draft card

Leslie D. Eno passed away on December 2nd, 1985, and was buried at the Rural Cemetery of New Bedford. Apparently many of New Bedford’s founders were Freemasons, the world oldest fraternal society. The Rural Cemetery is the “final resting place of some of the city’s most prominent inventors, abolitionists, artists and poets” (quoted from HERE). How does Leslie fit into all that? In 1926, Leslie became a member of the Freemasons, and remained one until his death.

I’ve added Leslie’s photo to the pages dedicated to him on FindaGrave.com and FamilySearch.

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