Elizabeth “Lizzy” Hartt née Fay

This photo came to me in a lot of about 25 random photos from the United States about a year and a half ago. One by one, I’ve been trying to reconstruct their stories and have shared some of them with you here on my blog and on Instagram. Now I finally got to this photo. On the reverse it says “Aunt Lizzie Hart, mother’s brother’s wife. She lived in Worcester, Mass.”. And much to my pleasant surprise, I have already indirectly written about her almost a year ago!

Let me refresh your memory and explain the connection I’ve made: In April 2021 I wrote about Merena “Rena” Estelle Stoddard née Hartt (you can read the blogpost HERE). Guess what! This lady was Merena’s mother Elizabeth “Lizzie” Abby Hartt née Fay! Yeeeeees, I love that these photos managed to stay together!

Lizzie was born in 1841 to farmer Lincoln Fay (1800-1887) and wife Merena née Hatch (1800-1876). Now we also know who Lizzie named her daughter Rena after! Lizzie’s parents had married in May 1821 in Upton. Lizzie had 3 older brothers – Hiram, Winthrop and Dexter. Lizzie was the baby of the family, 12-16 years younger than her brothers! In 1850, her three brothers were working as boot makers/cutters.

Lizzie married Oramel H. Hartt on December 13, 1863, in Upton, Mass., at the time of the American Civil War. Oramel survived the war and took up the profession of a glazier in Worcester, Mass. In 1867, the couple experienced the loss of their first daughter, infant Mary Louisa. In 1871, Merena was born and she grew up as the couple’s only child. Merena married Herbert C. Stoddard in June 1892. The couple did not have any children.

After Lizzie’s husband Oramel passed away in 1896 of heart failure, she moved in with her daughter and her husband Herbert. Lizzie outlived both her husband and her daughter. She passed away in 1928 and was buried next to her loved ones at the Lakeview Cemetery in Upton, Mass.

Up until now, I’ve unfortunately not been able to return the two photos of Merena to relatives. I have added Lizzie’s photo to FindAGrave.com and FamilySearch.org in hopes that perhaps one day I can return all three photos to the family!

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