Aden Stone from Gloversville, NY

This CDV of an elderly gentleman was printed in Gloversville, New York, and it came to me in the pocket which had the name Aden Stone handwritten on it. I can only hope that the CDV was originally in the same pocket as well and the gentleman in the photo was indeed Aden Stone.

Assuming that he was, let me tell you something about his long life! Attention, everyone – we have someone here who was born in the 18th century! Crazy to think that! Aden (or also Adin in some records) Stone was born on October 18, 1795, in Colrain, Franklin in Massachusetts, USA, to parents Joseph Stone and Abigail née Call. According to a public family tree on FamilySearch, Aden was the oldest of 12 siblings, births spanning between 1795 and 1821!

According to that same public family tree, Aden married Hulda Philena née Orton (1799-1849) in May 1817. They had 5 daughters and 1 son:

Salina Stone Morgan (1818–1895) 

Abigail Stone Wait (1820–1889)

Darius L. Stone (1822–1870)

Susan Stone Closson (1824–1895)

Marian Stone Kasson (1828–1890)

Eliza Sarah Stone Waite (1841–1906).

In 1849, Aden was sadly widowed. The 1855 Census has him living in Broadalbin, Fulton, New York, together with 4 of his 5 children. The youngest, Eliza, was just 14 years old. In 1875, Aden is 79 years old and living in Providence, Saratoga, New York, with his daughter Susan and son-in-law Giddeon Closson.

In the 1855 Census, Aden is listed as a lawyer. In the 1875 census he is listed as retired farmer. So I cannot say for sure what his profession was. I also find nothing on him on

Aden Stone never re-married. He passed away on August 6, 1888, at 92 years of age and almost 40 years after he had lost his dear wife Hulda Philena. He was buried next to her at the Broadalbin-Mayfield Rural Cemetery in Fulton, New York.

I hope there is someone out there who might have another photo of Aden Stone in their family photo album and one day they can confirm if this was indeed him. I have added his photo to FamilySearch and FindaGrave with the link to this blogpost.

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