Horst Illing

This little darling and his teddy bear came to me with other photos, taken in Mülsen in Sachsen, Germany, through German ebay. The boy is identified as Horst Illing (from Mülsen St.) Micheln. The photo was taken in Mülsen St. Jacob where the family lived at the time. Horst Illing was born on June 10th, … Continue reading Horst Illing

Ernst-August Runne

This little darling came to me in a photo lot of 5 photos. The other photos were taken in Mönchengladbach, Germany. This one was the only one identified. The back of the photo reads: Ernst August Runne, November 1914, Uefingen (Brschwg). Ernst-August Runne was born on February 19th, 1914, in Üfingen (today in the region … Continue reading Ernst-August Runne

The Brick Walls, 7

Random faces, they all walked this Earth and left their prints behind. And yet, it's as if they never existed. Maybe I've been looking in the wrong places? By sharing these photos with you I hope to receive new clues. Let's find them! Hilde Kratschmann in June 1936. The photos were taken in Zwittau (Svitavy … Continue reading The Brick Walls, 7